Introducing Indigo Lite

Ambrose LittleviaInfragistics
September 03, 2013

Indigo Lite

As mentioned in the latest update for Indigo Studio, we are rapidly approaching the launch of Version 2. With Version 2, we will be renaming Indigo Studio Version 1 (the free forever edition) to Indigo Lite.

V1 users who download Indigo before V2 (which is just around the corner!) will also get a limited-time, exclusive introductory upgrade offer, so don't wait to try Indigo today!

FAQ for Indigo Lite

The following are some frequently asked questions regarding Indigo Lite and its relationship with Indigo Studio V2+.

Q: What happened to the free version of Indigo Studio?

It was renamed to Indigo Lite. Indigo Lite contains everything that was contained in Indigo Studio Version 1, and it will remain free of charge even after we ship Indigo Studio V2, our new subscription-based version of Indigo that you can try for free.

Q: If I try Indigo Studio Version 2, can I still use Indigo Lite?

Everything in Indigo Lite is in Indigo Studio, so we recommend against using them side-by-side (see compatibility question below). However, if you try Version 2 and decide you want to stick with Indigo Lite for now, you can simply download Indigo Lite again from our Web site.

Technical Note: For various deeply technical reasons, we replace the installation of Indigo Studio Version 1 with Indigo Studio Version 2 when you upgrade/try V2. For that reason, to "go back" to V1, you will need to download and install Indigo Lite--but don't worry, it's the exact same capabilities as V1. Also, we do not automatically upgrade your V1/Lite projects as part of the trial unless you specifically opt into it (for each project as you open and modify it in Indigo Studio).

Q: How can I try V2?

When released, users of Indigo V1/Lite will be prompted with an update dialog that invites them to try V2. V2 trial will also be available directly from our Web site--either way works the same. The free trial is fully functional and lasts for 30 days from installation.

Q: How will Indigo Studio V2+ be licensed?

V2+ will be licensed using a yearly, perpetual subscription--that is, you get all major and minor updates as well as standard support during your subscription period. At the end of your subscription period, you may elect to renew for a deeply discounted price. If you choose not to renew, you get to keep whatever latest licensed version you owned at the end of your subscription.

Please refer to Indigo Studio License Agreement for more/official details on the licensing agreement.

Q: When will V2 be released and how much will it cost?

Sorry! Can't tell you yet. ;) It will be very soon, though! Once it is released, the pricing details will be available on the Indigo Studio product site. Don't forget to download and try V1/Lite now to be eligible for a great discount!

Q: How will Indigo Lite be supported?

Please refer to our Product Lifecycle page. As of this writing, Standard Support is available for two years from the date of V1 release, that is, until Nov 2014.

We may continue to support Indigo Lite after that, but we make no further guarantees at this time.

Q: Will you continue to update Indigo Lite?

During the support timeframe, we will continue to provide bug fixes and other minor updates that we deem appropriate; however, most new development will be for licensed Indigo Studio customers.

Q: What are the compatibility concerns between Indigo Lite and Indigo Studio?

Anything you design in Indigo Lite should work fine in Indigo Studio. However, because Indigo Studio contains features not available in Indigo Lite, not all designs will be fully editable in Indigo Lite. In short, if you need to use Indigo Lite, we recommend against editing that same project in Indigo Studio without making a copy/backup first.


About Indigo

If you haven’t already, why not Go Design Something!? As noted, users who download V1/Lite before V2 is released will be eligible for a great introductory upgrade price!

If you are using Indigo, we welcome your ideas on how we can better apply and refine these and other good interaction design principles to help you to design awesome UIs. If you have any questions or problems, please don’t hesitate to discuss them with us in our forums. We’re also on Twitter @indigodesigned.

About the Author

Ambrose Little is principal design technologist at Infragistics and has worked on Indigo Studio as interaction designer and product manager along with an awesome team based here in Cranbury, NJ, USA and Montevideo, Uruguay.