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January 03, 2012
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Available on: Verious

Beintoo is the first gamification and rewarding technology for mobile and web apps developers.

  • Start engaging your users by implementing cross-apps game mechanics and give them true reputation and missions. Create sustainable engagement.
  • Monetize by rewarding your fans with branded goods provide by our sponsors.
  • Start distributing your apps on our network by our innovative gamification model: create your sponsored rewards and achievements to get new engaged users.

The ideas are quite simple: Users have a cross-apps profile on Beintoo.com, they share their achievements and rewards on gamified apps; they can follow their social graph friends and engage with them. Activities such as increase of score, rank in an app leaderboard, loyalty, completing a level in a game will be seen by all Beintoo users. That creates a reputation layer, where users are pushed to get achievements which are published on all the community. People can also challenge friends, create contests, send messages,vote or share, and above all get a cross apps use, making the Apps engagement more and more involving. So users will have cross apps achievements and cross apps reputation and will be able to check their stats in all their favourite apps.

But reaching an achievement is not only a "glory question". And here comes our next step. By our APIs, developers can create goals for users and distribute branded items as cross-apps rewards sponsored by brands, local retailers and other developers interested in getting new customers. Users receive real rewards such as coupons ,deals, branded virtual items offered for their cross apps achievements. Users can engage with their goods and convert them into real goods by visiting the sponsors physical and ecommerce stores or by downloadging the sponsor apps. The economic benefits are again a reason to participate and another kind of reputation layer, which this time is a direct revenue for developers, because they monetize 70% of each purchased reward.

Developers can create their sponsored rewards such as virtual items and get new highly engaging users. We gamify the apps distribution.