brycenz / jquery.newrelic

Bryce EwingviaGitHub
November 12, 2011
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Available on: GitHub

jQuery plugin for instrumenting ajax requests with New Relic Real User Monitoring

In order for this plugin to work you will first need to have the page that includes this plugin being instrumented by the New Relic RUM headers and footers, see http://newrelic.com/docs/features/how-does-real-user-monitoring-work for more details.

To instrument your ajax requests just include the jquery.newrelic.js script in the page. All requests will then be tracked for network time and parsing time.

If you have a number of similar requests that you want to aggregate the timings for then you can add simple mappings by: jQuery.newrelic.addRequestMapping(mapping);

Where mapping can contain 's that match any sequence of characters in the request URL not including /'s. For example: /item/ - will match /item/1.json, /item/2.json etc. /item/*/reviews - will match /item/1/reviews, /item/2/reviews etc.

All the matched requests will be reported to New Relic as e.g. /item/*/reviews