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May 08, 2012
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Available on: Verious

Ad Mediation

Optimize ad networks, house and directly sold ads


    • Mediate all popular 3rd party ad networks
    • Cross-promote and track installs
    • Traffic directly sold campaigns
    • Advanced targets and limits
    • Custom targeting based on your own criteria
    • Robust reporting from all ad sources in one dashboard
    • Interstitials, videos, banners, and custom ad sizes
    • Easily optimize ad mix to meet your business needs

Burstly is a mobile monetization platform that helps app developers maximize revenue while driving better user engagement. Burstly empowers developers to take control of their monetization options by partnering robust management tools with extensive data insight. The resulting combination puts the developer in the driver's seat and offers ultimate control over all integrated partners (ad networks, exchanges, RTB's, etc).

Burstly helps developers achieve mobile monetization success through total transparency in reporting, relationships, and pricing structure. Additionally, Burstly's business model is 100% aligned with the developer - we only make money when the developer does.

The mobile landscape is changing quickly and Burstly is committed to delivering products that position our developers at the forefront of the fastest growing market.