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December 06, 2011
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Eliminates Performance Doubt about HTML5 Games
While many pundits and observers of the mobile app industry openly admit that HTML5 is quickly becoming the dominant app development platform (for many reasons), they often temper their statements by saying rendering speed, responsiveness, and sound issues may prevent HTML5 from dominating mobile game development.

appMobi has solved these HTML5 shortcomings withDirectCanvas a collection of HTML5 game acceleration technologies. As hyper-performing HTML5 games are developed using the appMobi XDK, questions about HTML5's readiness for games will fade rapidly.

appMobi has created a new canvas object that is streamlined and optimized for the drawing functions typically used for gaming, but has none of the normal rendering overhead mentioned above. DirectCanvas is accessed in exactly the same way as the Standard Canvas (same calls to a different object). So all an HTML5 game developer needs to do in order to use it is change their standard canvas drawing calls to use the DirectCanvas.