Primal Consumer Data

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April 11, 2012
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Available on: Verious

Primal's semantic engine generates data about the interests of individual consumers. In real-time, we capture explicit and contextual indicators of interests and transform them into expressive, machine-readable data.

Highly personalized

With Primal Developer, user models are built in real-time, personalized to each and every member of your audience. Rather than organizing content in advance and making consumers search through the resulting glut, Primal Developer assembles information in real-time, personalized to the specific requests of each and every consumer.

Fast and inexpensive

Semantic data provides the underlying structures that model our informational worlds, from the schemas of relational databases, to the information architectures of websites, to the indices of search systems. For all but the largest organizations, the time and expertise needed to build these data models is prohibitively expensive.

In contrast, our SaaS platform enables developers large and small to build futuristic Web and mobile applications at a fraction of the cost and complexity of current approaches.

Built on Primal technology

Primal Developer is an extension of our platform technology and brings the power of semantic synthesis to your applications. Primal's automated and real-time approach to manufacturing semantic data allows us to operate our platform at Internet scale, right now.

Our Developer API is a RESTful service that provides structured data that allows you to actively engage your end-users at the foundational level of user, content, and data modeling. This means you'll avoid much of the upfront expense of developing schemas, ontologies, taxonomies, and information architectures.