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Verious DevTeam
April 20, 2012

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Version: 1.0

Platform: iOS

This powerful component is like a mini app with all of the functionality you would expect from a standalone location application. It is the quickest way to add a store locator functionality to your iPad app, saving you months of development time.

The Store Locator Component would be a perfect addition to applications for major retailers, hotel chains, regional retailers, or anyone with an app that is looking to drive people to a specific location.

This component handles all of the real-time calls, back-end content parsing, data presentation and caching necessary to bring the store locator functionality into a native mobile app. It is integrated with the CityGrid Places API which has access to 15M local businesses and over 1M local advertisers in the US.


  • Location Awareness - defaults to current location, but user can change location
  • Branded Pins
  • Coupon that can be saved to gallery
  • Built-in Social Sharing
  • Built-in Local Search

This component also has comprehensive configuration options so you can change the look and feel to best match your application's user interface.

Configuration options include:

  • Search term for retail locations (e.g. Radio Shack or Starbucks)
  • Branded header
  • Branded Pins
  • Frame color
  • Coupon

Permissions & User Data

  • The component needs access to a data connection and location. 
  • This component does not access any other user data.