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error: could not load android-info.txt

May 01, 2011
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After I built the source code of android, I ran the following command and got the error.

#fastboot -w flashall
error: could not load android-info.txt

I had successfully built the source code for nexus one (build 5), and I found that there is a android-info.txt file in the directory out/target/passion/.

Also, I am sure that the phone is connected. When I run "fastboot devices", it shows the device.

Anybody know the reason? Thanks a lot!!!


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Old thread so sorry for reactivating it, but it's still one of the top hits and it's unanswered. My fix was to ensure I had the ANDROID_PRODUCT_OUT environment variable, and that it was pointing to /home/{usr name}/{build directory}/out/target/product/{taget}

Again, sorry for resurrecting a dead post.

answered January 06, 2012