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Handlebars/Mustache - Is there a built in way to loop through the properties of an object?

January 30, 2012
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As the title of question says, is there a mustache/handlebars way of looping through an object properties?

So with

var o = {
  bob : 'For sure',
  roger: 'Unknown',
  donkey: 'What an ass'

Can I then do something in the template engine that would be equivalent to

for(var prop in o)
    // with say, prop a variable in the template and value the property value



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Unfortunately, no, there's no built-in way to iterate over the properties of an object. However, Mustache can iterate over items in an array. So I'd suggest creating a separate data object formatted in a way Mustache can work with:

var o = {
  bob : 'For sure',
  roger: 'Unknown',
  donkey: 'What an ass'
mustacheFormattedData = { 'people' : [] };

for (var prop in o){
  if (o.hasOwnProperty(prop)){
      'key' : prop,
      'value' : o[prop]

Now, your Mustache template would be something like:

  {{key}} : {{value}}

Check out the "Non-Empty Lists" section here: https://github.com/janl/mustache.js

answered January 30, 2012
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It's actually quite easy to implement as a helper:

Handlebars.registerHelper('eachProperty', function(context, options) {
    var ret = "";
    for(var prop in context)
        ret = ret + options.fn({property:prop,value:context[prop]});
    return ret;

Then using it like so:

{{#eachProperty object}}
    {{property}}: {{value}}<br/>
{{/eachProperty }}
answered January 30, 2012
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@Amit's answer is good because it will work in both Mustache and Handlebars.

As far as Handlebars-only solutions, I've seen a few and I like the each_with_key block helper at https://gist.github.com/1371586 the best.

  • It allows you to iterate over object literals without having to restructure them first, and
  • It gives you control over what you call the key variable. With many other solutions you have to be careful about using object keys named 'key', or 'property', etc.
answered August 02, 2012
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Thanks for Ben's solution, my use case to display only particular fields in order

with object


    handlebars.registerHelper('eachToDisplayProperty', function(context, toDisplays, options) {
    var ret = "";
    var toDisplayKeyList = toDisplays.split(",");
    for(var i = 0; i < toDisplayKeyList.length; i++) {
        toDisplayKey = toDisplayKeyList[i];
        if(context[toDisplayKey]) {
            ret = ret + options.fn({
                property : toDisplayKey,
                value : context[toDisplayKey]

    return ret;

Source object:

   { locationDesc:"abc", name:"ghi", description:"def", four:"you wont see this"}


{{#eachToDisplayProperty this "locationDesc,description,name"}}
        {{property}} --- {{value}}


locationDesc --- abc
description --- def
name --- ghi
answered April 10, 2013