ShaderToy for Android

Simon GreenviaIndustrial Arithmetic
January 18, 2011

 At GDC last year, a little-known search engine company called Google were kind enough give me a free "Android" phone (a Motorola Droid). It turned out this was CDMA and so wasn't of much use to me as a phone in the UK, but fortunately it had a keyboard and could run OpenGL ES 2.0, so my next thought was that it would be cool to write a little app that let you edit and compile GLSL shaders directly on the phone. And this is the result.

It's not that easy editing code on a tiny keyboard, and the shader performance of the current generation of Android phones isn't great, but even so it's fun little app for messing around with shaders on the train or whatever.

It requires Android 2.2 and OpenGL ES 2.0. I've only really tested it on the Droid and my Tegra 2 devkit, so I'd be curious to hear how well it works on other devices. It's free, so you can't complain too much.

This is largely inspired by Inigo Quilez's ShaderToy, and I included some of his shaders, so all due credit to him.

To install it, search "ShaderToy" in the Android Market, or if you're reading this on your phone, just click the link above.